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Campaign Material

May Allāh reward you for taking the initiative to join the campaign!

There are 3 ways to participate in this campaign:

Take part in the support campaign to help us raise funds so we can continue our campaigns.

This page has a set of digital graphics and accompanying text for you to share with your friends, family and followers over a period of a week. Choose any week you like! Copy and paste the text next to each image, and blast them across all of your social media accounts for maximum impact (inshāAllāh). WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram… can you think of any more?

A reminder – when tagging in your Facebook and Instagram posts, you may have to tap the name of the account (In Their Shoes) that pops up next to it for it to be tagged properly, like this:

Your profile pic

Change your social media display pictures and cover banners for the duration of your week’s campaign. Download the corresponding images below.

Social Media profile pic

Cover banner choice 1

Cover banner choice 2

Cover banner choice 3

Cover banner choice 4

Your week-long campaign posts

Post the images below along with the accompanying text. Remember to use the hashtags and also tag on Facebook and Instagram as explained above.

Day 0 – the day before your chosen campaign week

Graphic Day 0

We are supporting this very important campaign alongside many Muslim organisations and individuals over the next few days, inshāAllāh.

Day 1 – there’s no graphics for this day, but a YouTube link, so all you need to do is copy and paste the text below!

Life doesn’t always go according to plan. Relationships sometimes break down, but the bond between parents and children is a sacred one. We want to ensure children have meaningful access to both their parents wherever possible.

Join our campaign and put yourself #InTheirShoes. Visit for more information.

Day 2

Graphic Day 2

Some people earn a living off encouraging and spreading this toxic practice that is tearing society apart. But not us. We have all come together because we want children to have meaningful access to BOTH parents wherever possible. Visit for more information. #InTheirShoes

Day 3

Graphic Day 3

Britain has the highest proportion of lone-parent families of any major European country, with 1 in 3 children living without a parent. Our children are our future. Don’t let them become another statistic. Visit for more information. #InTheirShoes

Day 4

Graphic Day 4

No matter how “good” a Muslim we are, if we die having taken another slave’s rights without due process—even if we personally believe they “deserved it”—Allāh will not overlook those types of sins. Visit for more information. #InTheirShoes

Day 5

Graphic Day 5

One who wrongs another will–sooner or later–suffer a similar hardship or punishment themselves. Visit for more information. #InTheirShoes

Day 6

Graphic Day 6

“I am al-Rahmān (the Most Merciful). I have created al-rahim (ties of kinship) and derived its name from My name. Whoever joins them, I shall join with them. And whoever severs them, I shall cut them off.” Visit for more information. #InTheirShoes

Day 7

Graphic Day 7

Islam is a religion of hope. Allāh reminds us in the Qur’ān, “Do not lose hope nor be sad,” and “Verily, with hardship comes ease.” Implore Allāh to make your affairs easy—there is no barrier between the harmed and Allāh! Visit for more information. #InTheirShoes

And that’s it!

We’ll send you important updates for the campaign inshāAllāh. Our next milestone is the National Khutbah Day on 11th Dec 2020 (inshāAllāh). So, if you know any Khatībs, Imams or Jumu’ah coordinators then get them to sign up here so we can send them a Khutbah/Bayān preparation pack!